My Pear Points February 05 2014

The Golden Pear announces our new MY PEAR POINTS customer rewards, loyalty and texting program! Beginning Friday, February 7th, Golden Pear Café customers can sign up to join MY PEAR POINTS either at any Golden Pear Café or at The new loyalty program will enable customers to acquire PEAR POINTS, which can be redeemed for a selection of discounts and products. Simply provide your cell phone number when placing an order or visit to join the program and immediately begin acquiring and tracking your PEAR POINTS. Each dollar spent at any Golden Pear Café, on Golden Pear Catering or at equals 1 PEAR POINT. After acquiring a set number of PEAR POINTS, customers will have their option to receive cash discounts or their favorite Golden Pear Café products. The Golden Pear Team is delighted to reward our customers with PEAR POINTS for their on-going loyalty and support. Thank you!

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